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A Symbol of Devotion

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The Promise of Marriage 

“Two Become One ”

Its time for the big proposal, the moment you both have been talking about. At Koorey's Jewelry, we turn your dreams into a reality that starts your exciting commitment to marry. With over 45+ years of experience, we help make your journey a memorable one. Choose from a variety of stones, metal finishes, band design and diamond clarity. We assist you through the whole process with professional guidance and personal experience. 

Eternal Love & Faithfulness

Let us create your ideal engagement ring for your special moment. Starting with your favorite shape of diamond, we custom build your ring with a selection of unique designs and artistic styles. Visit our showroom and choose from our unique selection of diamonds, gold and silver wedding bands.

What is the meaning of the engagement ring? The circular shape of the ring carries an infinite meaning of a beginning and endless love. The engagement ring is the first sign of your eternal love, complete faithfulness and everlasting commitment. 

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Award Winning Designs

Our mission is to help you create the best engagement ring for your special day. Over 45+ years of experience gives us the advantage of real world experience combined with three generations of family owned Master Jewelers and Goldsmiths. From gold to silver and everything in between, our craftsmanship stands the test of time. From start to finish, our custom jewelry sets the standard in style and personalization. 

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Proper Fitment

Custom sizing is available on site, proper fitment makes the ring more comfortable to wear. We help you choose the correct size so its not too loose or tight. 

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Clarity of Stone

Determining the proper clarity is critical to the look and feel of the ring. The diamonds doesn't need to be large in size but it should be clear which indicates quality. 

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Diamond Size

Its not about the size of the diamond, its the weight that determines the carat. Along with clarity, we assist with how the diamond fits the ring to create the look you desire. 

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